They'll Ask Four Questions of Your Resume ­
Make Sure You Have the Answers

Answering the following four questions in a fully persuasive way will greatly increase your odds of developing a winning resume. These questions are the crucial elements of the resume formula. Answering them will not only give you the material you need for building a strong resume but will also prepare you for networking and interviewing.

Question #1: What do you want?
That's your Objective. Don't struggle or agonize over this. It's a simplequestion to which employers want a simple, specific answer.

Question #2: Why are you qualified to do it?
That's the Summary or Qualifications section. Answer, in succinct form,why you're qualified to accomplish your objective.  That should be simple. Ask yourself why they should hire you. (You'll need to get ready for that one at the interview anyway!)  When done properly, this section satisfies the readers that the rest of your resume is worth reading, bringing them to the next question.

Question #3: Where have you done it?
That's the Experience section. The reader wants to relate to the experience you've had. Identify the company in its most relevant light. If it's not a recognizable company, write a line about its high points. Build it up. On the resume, the reader will often equate your value with that of your employer.

Question #4: How well have you done it?
That's the Achievement section. This is where you should put in your most thought and effort. Think about what you did for each employer to make the company better. It could be a big thing or something small.  But it should be enough to show value. Show the reader what sets you apart from other applicants. Show them what impact you have and how well you do your job.

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