Accumulate Rejection ­
Stare in Its Face and Stick Out Your Tongue

Babe Ruth struck out 1,330 times in his career.
—  Anonymous

swing.gifTo win you need to get to the end of the game. And to survive in the face of an inevitable amount of rejection you need a very simple outlook: to want to accumulate rejection as fast as you can. Instead of fearing rejection, you need to look it in the eye and invite it. That's right: invite rejection. You will find you'll get used to it. You won't fear it, for you will understand that the job search is a process of accumulating a series of "no's" until you get a "yes."

The more "no's" that are accumulated, the closer you will get to a "yes."  The "no's" are inevitable for all of us; the "no's" are out there, waiting, stacked on top of the winning "yes."  There are too many variables involved in the job-match process to expect otherwise. The company needs to like you. You need to like the company.  The company needs to have the right culture and philosophy to match yours.  The company's product or service needs to appeal to your beliefs. The right position needs to be open at the right time.  Internal politics have to be in your favor. External economic forces have to be in your favor. In short, there are numerous reasons -- most of them not to be taken personally -- that affect your search. The reasons are the inevitable curves, sliders, fastballs, and sinkers of the job-search game. You need to accept them as being there and deal with them as they come by you. You must get up to the plate; hiding in the dugout will only prolong your agony.

It is true, Babe Ruth did strike out 1,330 times. That means he swung 3,990 times and missed. But he had to in order to get what he ended up with: 714 home runs!


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