Smooth Out The Wrinkles in Your Background:
 The Most Common Resume Dilemmas

 (Please check off any of these common resume dilemmas that pertain to you,
 and bring them to our attention during your A•Script telephone conference.)


          Your Employment Chronology Works Against You
          You Look Like a Job Hopper

          It Appears That You Stayed Too Long with One Company

          Your Current Job Title Looks Like a Step Backward

          Your Resume Sounds Stuck in the Past Tense

          Your Career Spans So Many Years You Feel You Have Too Much Past

          You Look Inexperienced or Underqualified

          You Want to Change Careers but Don't Have The Right Professional Background

          Your Education is Your Weakness

          You Work or Worked for a Company with a Poor or Bad Reputation

          Your Title is More Impressive Than Your Company, or Vice Versa

          Company You Worked for or School Attended Won't  Be Recognized by Your Reader

          You Are Looking for an Out-of-State Job

          Your Job Title Is Not Representative of What You Are

          You Have Several Job Objectives but Want Only One Resume

          You've Been Self-Employed and Don't Want to Look That Way

          You Worked for the Same Company Two Different Times in Your Career

        You Are Working Two Jobs and Don't Know Whether to Show Them Both

          Your Resumes Looks Like Words, Words, Word

          You Don't Know What Personal Information to Include on Your Resume

          There's a Gap in Your Employment History


 Keeping it on One Page

Four Questions

Putting It Together

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We are asking for the above information only to gain an understanding of what elements of your resume may need work and polishing up. We do not use this information to form a "cookie cutter" or one-size-fits-all resume. Our company fundamentals are built on a personalized, unique approach, rather than a "just fill in the form" business model.

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