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     In 1982, when we started A-Script (that was nearly 18,000 resumes ago!), we had one guiding philosophy of resume writing: write the resume not primarily for the client, but to satisfy the need and greed of our client's reader (the prospective employer). Make sense?  Well, it should.

     As an award-winning, nationally published writer, I learned long ago that if I don't please the reader I don't win you the job. So how do we do that? Well, we think creatively. We think 'out of the box'. First we focus on where you're going rather than where you've been. We interview you from the perspective of your reader. Then we ask you probing questions. Why should they hire you? There – how's that for a starter! And, we get more specific from there. We don't ever give up pulling you into focus and then pulling out your value points. Even if you think you're unfocused or your achievements are few, we'll find your direction, value and marketable skills.
    We don't want form-filled information from you. We want to TALK to you. We want to understand where you are going, who you are, and why you're special.  

     Why this web site?  Well, over the years, and because our reputation has spread beyond our region (Boston/Marblehead, MA), it has become harder to meet some clients face-to-face. So we started this site and a new telephone conference interview system to maintain the quality of the A-Script process for those who can't make it into our office.

    Regardless of whether you use our expertise or not, I wish you the very best in your job hunt.

Best wishes,

Dave Roper
President, A-Script

 Perhaps this excerpt by Howard Adamsky from his recently published book (The Guide for Savvy Hiring Managers and Job Hunters Alike, McGraw Hill), says it best about A-Script and David Roper:

     "Dave Roper is a superb resume writer, and the best career counselor I have ever met. Upon visiting David's office, it is not possible to tell what colors the walls are because they are covered with hundreds of letters from people whose lives he turned around by rewriting their resume, giving them advice, providing direction and watching over them. His expertise, kindness, compassion and ability to listen are legendary among his clients. If I were in trouble, David would be the first person I would call

We Wrote the Book!

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